• adding value to society
  • by assigning value to data

Innovation Centre for Intelligent Information Processing

What we do


We provide a user-centric research methodology for sensing, prototyping, validating and refining complex solutions in multiple and evolving real life contexts.
Whether it be on an industrial or consumer scale, whether it be in the fields of mobility or environment.


spin off


New surveying methodologies like non-intrusive electromagnetic surveys


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State-of-the-art in selection methods by means of a user-friendly software framework.


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Revolutionary mapping with Micro Unmanned Aerial Systems


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Smart visual analytics for web-based applications


spin off


High precission mobile mapping services

innovation centre for

intelligent information

Points of Interest

Strategies for a design that responds to our changing world

Identify promising opportunities

to ensure that society & economy benefit from the breakthroughs enabled by scientific research

Sustain the ideation of breakthrough scenarios

and related artefacts for businesses or institutions seeking to improve processess or systems

low-threshold acces to academic knowledge

proves to be a genuine platform to generate new perspectives to national and international markets

study questions emanating from society

by encouraging a user-centric research methodology for sensing, prototyping and validating solutions.

wide-ranging multi-disciplinary initiatives

where experts meet to develop, deploy and test new technologies and strategies.

stimulate business initiative in academic research

by seeking funding and/or collaborating partners to start up businesses, whether or not under licence.

The Consortium

Working together in a multidisciplinary setting is everyday practice.

Technology that filters into any layer of society

i-know ensures that society benifits from breakthroughs enabled by scientific research

Management Information

Software Processing

Hardware Processing

I-know stimulates public-private partnerships, the gateway to a new economy with new perspectives to the national and international existing markets.

Industrial Partners

i-know offers several benefits to encourage and explore a wide range of internal and external sources for innovative opportunities, the integration of this exploration with firm capabilities and resources, and the exploitation of these opportunities through multiple channels.

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