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i-KNOW Innovation Centre for Intelligent Information Processing

Building 3, UFO campus site

Ghent University

B-9000 Ghent, Belgium


i-KNOW Innovation Center is a multidisciplinary consortium of researchers from Ghent University set to bring our discoveries to use in order to spur innovation on data processing and interpretation. The center groups experts on technology (computing systems, big data management, intelligent data analysis and fusion algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence) and application domain experts (sustainable mobility, precision agriculture, soil management).

Some of our researchers are affiliated also with imec or with FlandersMake.

i-KNOW is one of the expertise-based Business Development Centers within the Industrial Liaison Network of the Ghent University Association.


We engage with stakeholders and we foster and develop research partnerships and collaborations with industry and other organizations. Our offer includes

  • providing research services to support our partners in adding value to their customers and adding value to society
  • taking part in collaborative research projects
  • facilitating knowledge transfer activities and intellectual property licensing
  • assesing the potential and stimulating and supportign our researchers in creating spin-offs

We nurture long-term relationships of trust and shared commitment with all of our partners.

We will spend time to understand your unique goals, then design a custom-tailored approach to help you reach your peak potential. We invite you to contact us to find out how we can help you on your next data-driven research and innovation project.